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If you are not sure where to turn for help in creating a memorial service for your loved one or friend, I can offer assistance and help provide meaningful funeral words. I have facilitated hundreds of funerals and memorials over the years for families of all religious, ethnic and political backgrounds. My services are compassionate, respectful, heartfelt and often informal. I’ll visit with you to learn about what his/her life meant to you to help fashion a unique memorial eulogy. When asked, I pray with the family, but I do not push a particular denomination. Sometimes a little humor is tastefully added, perhaps by sharing a lighthearted story about the departed.

Whether you are looking for an outdoor memorial service where your loved one’s ashes are scattered in the mountains, a service in a church or funeral home, a simple gathering at your home with someone to help emcee the proceedings, a funeral and reception, addition of funeral prayers or a military service with trumpet and 21-gun salute, I would be honored to help you pay your respects in any way you choose.

What is a Memorial Service?

Memorial services have become more and more common. Unlike a funeral, a memorial service is held without a casket present. The cremated remains of the deceased may be on the altar/table or not.

The service is often held within a week after the death, but it can be postponed for several weeks to give the family time to make travel arrangements and prepare the service.

The memorial service is more informal than a funeral; people mingle and exchange memories of the deceased. You can approach someone else standing alone, introduce yourself, and ask, “How did you know Marla?”

Another term for a Memorial Service is A Celebration of Life. A few family members and/or friends may speak or play music.

There may be a memorial register for you to sign. Include a brief comment if you wish, such as, “Jimmy lives in my heart.” Or you may get a memory card where you can write about the person: “Jane taught me how to write, and that helped me get my first job. She always looked out for other people. I’ll never forget her.” The family will read through those cards and feel comforted by your written contribution to their memories.

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When Bill and his dog Max died in a fire together, they took a last ride in the front seat of Bill’s beloved 1932 Model A Ford Coupe to the memorial service at the chapel. Their ashes were then set up on the altar for the service.
“Thank you again for the beautiful memorial service you conducted for Mike’s mother… …The eulogy couldn’t have been any better – and so many people told us, you really captured Grada’s joyful, independent, unique spirit. We so appreciate all the time you spent with us. Your kindness and guidance made a very difficult time easier to bear.”

This may sound strange, but that was the best funeral service I ever attended.

Dear Chris, Thank you for creating a lovely & moving memorial service for my brother. He would have liked to be there in body. I know he was there in spirit.

I always thought that on my wedding day I would be a wreck because my father wasn’t alive to give me away. You read a poem that he wrote, and somehow I felt he was really there with us. It really meant a lot. You have such a calming voice, and it helped me get through the ceremony.