Memorial Service Costs

Budget, Affordable Memorial Services and Funerals


The cost of having an officiant/MC for your memorial service is quite low: generally a requested offering between $150-$300. Phone 303-986-2022 to make arrangements for an officiant/MC. Rev Chris Mohr can also connect you with Matt Becker, the full-service funeral director of Foothills Cremation and Funeral Service. The chapel and reception room are both available to rent for visitations, funerals, memorial services, showings and receptions.

Both Rev. Chris Mohr and funeral director Matt Becker can and do help organize services at any location such as a military cemetery, a home, even in the mountains for a scattering of ashes.

Rev. Chris Mohr is available to officiate at your loved one’s funeral or memorial service. We strongly recommend that you organize some kind of gathering for the family and friends of the deceased. Hopefully this ceremony will be a starting point, breaking the ice and encouraging people to be supportive towards each other. It’s a chance to learn things you never knew–as different people share their stories. It can be deeply healing, and family members are often surprised at how uplifting and encouraging it can be to say goodbye to a loved one in the company of dozens of other people who loved him/her.


Budget Funerals and Memorial Services in Colorado


Please refer to the “General Price List” at for all disclosures and exact costs at Foothills Cremation and Funmeral Service. This is general estimate only.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, the average cost of a funeral in the U.S. can be over $10,000 by the time you include floral arrangements, prayer cards and family transportation. As you will see, our recommended funeral director offers much more affordable funeral packages than this average cost. Here’s how that figure was arrived at:

According to the National Funeral Directors Association, as of 2009 the average cost of an adult funeral including the basic items listed below (not including cemetery, monument/marker costs or miscellaneous cash advance charges such as for flowers or obituaries) is $7755 including vault.

Funeral Costs*

Item Price*
Non-declinable basic services fee $1,817.00
Removal/transfer of remains to funeral home $250.00
Embalming $628.00
Other preparation of the body $200.00
Use of facilities/staff for viewing $395.00
Use of facilities/staff for funeral ceremony $450.00
Use of a hearse $275.00
Use of a service car/van $125.00
Basic memorial printed package $125.00
Subtotal without Casket: $4,265.00
Metal Casket $2,295.00
Vault $1,195.00
Total Cost of a Funeral with Vault $7,755.00

*Source: National Funeral Directors Association

An average granite headstone in 2009 cost about $1500. Prices of cemetery plots can be as low as a few hundred dollars and as high as several thousand. Opening the grave and vault preparation are around $600 and $1000 respectively. The total cost for an average funeral can add up to over $10,000. See the National Funeral Directors Association report and My Dollar Plan for more information on burial and memorial costs.

Rev. Chris Mohr understands that these costs can be prohibitive. We recommend you consider Foothills Cremation and Funeral Service in Golden, Colorado. Rev. Chris Mohr works closely with licensed funeral director Matt Becker, in part because he offers very affordable funerals and memorial/cremation services in Colorado. Please check their General Price List for comparison purposes.


Hello Reverend Chris,

I’m so happy to have met you. You were the perfect “Master of Ceremonies” at Ron’s “Celebration of Life” event. I appreciate your talents and your support…